Healthy kids road trip snacks

Seeing as many of you will be hitting the road this holiday season and requested for easy healthy kids road trip snacks, I thought I’d share some road trip snacks packing ideas with you!

These snacks are perfect for those that are like me that want store bought given the limited time I have due to work and life in general. I usually make homemade but these are just as good and a parent sometimes just needs a break from the kitchen to focus on the packing for the trip…

If you’re traveling long stretches, consider your snacks as meal replacements and choose wisely. These snacks are perfect for a drive that is over 10 hours and under 2 hours.

I hope this list gives you ease of execution (no long waits at the garage shop) and guilt free thoughts for your next road trip. I included a balance of healthy, sweet and savory snacks that will please the  family (I know these are kids snacks but I must admit that I am also addicted to them)! 

Kiddylicious healthy snacks
Kiddylicious healthy snacks

We were lucky enough to have been sent a selection of the tasty, healthy Kiddylicious snacks. The package entails a combination of sweet and savoury snacks which Sweet M&M loves. I could not stop snacking on the coconut ones and my toddler loves the cheese straws. They were devoured even before I could get a decent picture of her enjoying them.

Healthy snacks
Healthy snacks

These snacks have become my go to everyday and is the ideal option for road trip healthy snacks.

Its comes in perfectly portioned individually wrapped packaging which makes it ideal to pack into a nappy bag, cooler bag or backpack. 

The nutritional construct entails it being free from gluten (except cheese straws) and nuts which is ideal for allergy prone kids. I also love that the sugar content is low.

There is no artificial preservatives, flavours and colourants.

The entire range is easily purchased at Baby Cities and Clicks, stores that are easily accessible.

Here is the selection of the range:

Rice wafers:

  • Real strawberry and blueberry flavor. Perfectly sized for those cute little hands to hold.
  • Crumb free which makes it perfect for travelling.
  • Coeliac, dairy intolerance and vegetarian friendly
  • Suitable for babies over 6 months.

Veggie & Cheese Straws:

  • Easy to hold and ideal for pincer grip, hand to mouth coordination
  • Veggie straws are suitable for coeliacs, dairy & gluten intolerance and vegetarians
  • Suitable for babies from 9 months old

Coconut rolls:

  • Coconut and banana coconut flavours
  • Encourages the exploration of different tastes and textures
  • Perfect to develop pincer grip
  • Suitable for coeliacs, dairy intolerance and vegetarians
  • Free from gluten, nuts and dairy
  • Suitable from 12 months and older

Fruit Wriggles:

  • Apple and strawberry flavours
  • High in natural fibre 
  • Suitable for coeliacs, dairy intolerance and vegetarians
  • Free from gluten, nuts and dairy
  • Suitable from 12 months and over

Additional information can be found at

I hope this list has helped you and you enjoy these products as much as your kids will.

I would love to hear about your road trip snack ideas.

 Happy Snacking & Safe travels!

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