How I reduced my sugar cravings!

How to reduce sugar cravings-Photo by Laura Ockel
How to reduce sugar cravings Photo by Laura Ockel

I used to have a serious sweet tooth and craved foods high in sugar on a daily basis, not so much sweets but more baked goodies like bread, biscuits and desserts. After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I started educating myself on how the body works to breakdown sugar. Luckily for me I controlled my gestational diabetes through diet and following these tips below to help curb the sugar cravings.

Link to my gestational diabetes journey

Here is what I do to help with my sugar cravings:

  • Protein is key. Eat protein at every meal. Start at breakfast.Eggs or tofu scramble on gluten-free toasted bread with smashed avocado.
  • Eat good fats, it has helped me curb sugar cravings many times. Almond or peanut butter off a tablespoon is the perfect treat.
  • Eat them green vegetables. Research has shown that sugar cravings can come from nutrient deficiencies.
  • Reduce all types of sugar when the cravings are at high levels, including the non refined sugars like honey and maple syrup. Even though this is in natural form, it’s still a form of sugar.
  • My mom introduced me to chromium. Take chromium and magnesium supplements to help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Dehydration depletes nutrients that are essential for your body. Stay hydrated and try to drink 2 litres of water daily.
  • Exercise also helped me stay away from sugar. Not sure if it was because I did not want to undo the hard work after a walk or the squats before I shower.
  • Get in 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed by 10pm. When I don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep, I crave sugar in the form of biscuits or a muffin for breakfast.

I hope these tips help. I also stopped being so harsh on myself, I forgave myself for being addicted to sugar. It’s a journey and with time, it will no longer be an addiction.

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    1. The key is moderation, if you having a nut butter (unsalted and unsweetened is the best). Also making your own helps. A tablespoon is sufficient for a snack, too much does add up the calories. Maybe he can try other good fats, like avocado on toast with a poached egg. I also like pumpkin seed butter with eggs. I will be doing a series of recipes that helps me. Keep an eye. Thank you for reading.
  1. I’m very fortunate when it comes to this. I don’t crave sugars but I do want cream cheeses and all kinds of bread! I’ll think of this with my once a month PMS sweet tooth. X

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