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I want to share some of my newborn sleep essentials that works for us when it comes to our little boy ( 3 months old), who now does 3 to 4 naps in the day and mostly wakes once at night for a feed. Our sleep essentials have played a huge role in ensuring he has the perfect environment and is comfortable for a nap or nighttime sleep.

I believe sleep (or lack there of)  is one of the most controversial topics around when it comes to babies.  My first was not good with her day naps or her night sleep and I promised I would do anything and everything to try to get my second baby to sleep better.  When I received the opportunity to try out these sleep aid products, I jumped at it as I needed to make sure he gets a good start at earth side from a sleeping perspective and who better to partner with than Tommee Tippee,

Tommee Tippee is committed to safe sleep, but most importantly better sleep. As part of our gift, we received the following:

GroSwaddleDry; GroSnug; GroComforter; GroEgg; GroBag 1.0 tog; GroFriend; GroLight

I chose to use the products for a period of 3 months (and will continue using them) to ensure we give it a fair opportunity, test for quality and I have shared my honest opinion on them.I hope you find this post useful, and as always, please leave me a comment below if you have any questions about anything I’ve written about, or whether you’d also like to share something that has helped your little one sleep well/better.

Our sleep process entails using Tommee Tippee products for both day naps and night sleep.

We start every sleep by creating the ideal environment for baby to sleep.


I cannot begin to explain the importance of having your room at the correct temperature for baby to sleep. The GroEgg ensures you always know the temperature and the colour changing room thermometer makes it appealing to the eye aswell as easy to pick up when the temperature changes. With this being used we have assurance that baby is resting in a suitable temperature by either dressing him accordingly or using a fan to adjust the temperature.


The Grolight does not disturb baby when we need to do nappy changes and feeds at night. The Grolight adapts your existing light into an adjustable night-light. We use it on our bedside lamp and it has a soothing glow. It is easy to use, simply plug in. The brightness adjustable and is energy efficient.


Grofriend Ollie The Owl always close by

White noise is a key part of our sleep routine. Having  an older child, there is bound to be loud bursts of laughter and cries, also we don’t want life to come to a standstill when baby is sleeping. This is one of our favourites from the range. The GroFriend light and sound sleep aid comes with four sounds to help settle baby to sleep at different sound levels.  It is  a gentle plush toy for baby. The GroFriend has the added technology of a CrySensor that helps baby settle back to sleep. The CrySensor automatically activates to soothe your baby back to sleep. An adjustable glowing nightlight also helps comfort baby. The  hanging loop makes it convenient to use at home, on the go in a pram or in the car. We use Ollie the Owl and is suitable from birth.



We also started with a sleep association and we love the Grocomforter. The Grocomforter is used daily fore naps and bedtime. We place it over our shoulder and have baby’s head rested against it as we get him ready for his sleep time. Its soft and gentle to the touch.

How we make baby feel cosy for his sleep?


Groswaddledry at bathtime

Wow, this is the best towel I have ever used. I wish it came in adult sizes.  It remains soft and plush to the touch wash after wash. I love it!!! We bath baby every night and use the Groswaddledry, he loves being cuddled up in it and it easily absorbs the water off him. The Groswaddledry is made of quick drying hypoallergenic Puredry Microfibre which is soft, super absorbent and snug as a bug. The unique shape has been specifically designed to recreate the calming and soothing effects of swaddling after bath time.  I can definitely vouch for this. It has a cute little character embroidered on the hood. We have Poppy the Penguin. You can use the GroSwaddleDry from birth to 6 months.


Baby Evan used to wake from the startle reflex until we started swaddling. We swaddle at every sleep. The Grosnug is safe with its unique hip-healthy design for natural leg position, with arms being in for us keeping him nice and snug. its easy to use with a zip that opens from bottom for changing. The Grosnug is 100% cotton and is machine washable.


Its been quite hot and we are still to make proper use of the Grobag, however I would still like to share what we love about it and how it benefits during sleep time.The GroBag is a safer alternative to loose sheets and blankets ensuring baby is safe and snug. Using the guidance of the GroEgg to determine room temperature, you decide what baby wears and which tog (thickness) Grobag to use. This ensures baby is comfortable for their sleep time. The weight of baby determines which size to choose.  The back of the packaging provides weight and temperature guidelines. It is lightweave and 100% cotton. Evan is a kicker and the Grobag will keep him cozy and safe while he sleeps.


Sleep time has become a pleasure with  Tommee Tippee . Honestly, the best sleep essentials and our sleep jounery for us.

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