Gestational diabetes – My pregnancy journey over at SA Mom Blogs

Eating for two resonated with me the most on the day I found out I had gestational diabetes. I share my journey over at


 *Disclaimer: Please don't follow my typical day of eating as it was designed for my needs.If you are faced with this diagnosis, I encourage you to meet with a dietitian to develop an eating plan customised to your needs.





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  1. Hello Puveshree, I'm happy to nominate you and your blog to the Blogger Recognition Award. Congrats! I hope you'll accept it and here's the link to the post with your nomination There are a couple of rules to follow after the recognition, one of them is about nominating fellow deserving bloggers like yours. Congrats again!
    1. Hi Vanessa, I am honored and humbled to be nominated. I go through the link and the rules. Thank you very much. Chat soon and take care.

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