LUSH Christmas 2017 – Gift Guide

LUSH Christmas 2017!

I know it’s a little late for this to be a LUSH Christmas gift guide but it’s never too late to get in the festive spirit…(well I think this could still work as an awesome last minute gift because who could ever not love LUSH products as a gift).

My LUSH Christmas haul
My LUSH Christmas haul

I am always over  the moon for the Lush Christmas collection, mainly for Rose jam and Snow fairy but this year I decided to get some of my old time favourites and some newbies for me.

Products I have purchased to use over the festive season:

Rose Jam Shower Gel

Shower gel
Shower gel

Rose Jam is quintessentially the perfect shower gel for the festive season. It’s floral fragrance and silky smooth texture is destined to leave you feeling indulgent and relaxed.

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar

Bubble bar
Bubble bar

The aroma of this bar is magical, leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling. It reminds me of  spicy mulled wine that we enjoyed on the streets of Europe in winter.This bar is a perfect stocking filler. I enjoy it for a foot soak as I tend to be water conscious and it leaves your home smelling like Christmas.

Christmas Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Christmas bath bomb
Christmas bath bomb

This bath bomb is not only beautiful, it smells fresh and contains cognac oil. Perfect for a stocking filler. I plan on using it for an ever needed relaxing foot soak followed by a foot massage by my husband. I simply love watching bath bombs fizz up and release its gorgeous colours and scents.

Snow fairy naked body conditioner & Shampoo

Naked body conditioner and shampoo
Naked body conditioner and shampoo

These help me meet my festive holiday shower goals. I am usually at the seaside over the festive season which means hot humid days and beach strained hair. No one wants to lather themselves with lotions to feel greasy and this naked body conditioner moisturises your skin without the greasy feeling and leaves it smelling like candy floss with an elegant shimmer.

The shampoo bar is perfect for hair that tends to be over ashes drying out the scalp.I wash my hair after every trip to the beach which leaves the scalp dry. This bar is perfect for a dry scalp.

Sleepy body lotion

This lotion has a beautiful hue and scent of lavender. It leaves me perfectly soft, smooth and ready for a sweet nights sleep. A fabulous Chrsitmas gift for someone that lives a fast paced lifestyle.

Happy festive shopping!










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