Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys Giveaway & Review

Why I love action toys?

Imaginary play is a critical part of a child’s development. Action figures generally do not respond and this allows  children to use their memories from the TV shows and imagination to create a game through play either by themselves or in a group.  A solo game encourages confidence together with learning comfort in their own skin, while a group enacted game encourages teamwork and negotiating skills from a young age. Both have benefits and set a child up for emotional growth.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys

My friend’s sons were the perfect age to share the Power Ranger Ninja Steel Toys given to me by  Prima Toys to review. I received the following toys from Prima Toys:


Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys











The children were extremely thrilled by the toys and even slept with them, probably teaching them the feeling of protection. They enjoyed playing with them and the toys are of good quality making them withstand very active play. The toys are well priced for the size and detailed patterns.

I did martial arts for 11 years so you can imagine the excitement  with every episode of the Power Rangers aired when I was a kid. I believed I was a certified ninja. Luckily these days, the excitement and learning about martial arts and ninjas spans beyond TV shows in the form of toys to encourage activity and exploration.

Prima Toys brings you Power Ranger Ninja Steel toys in stores!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel in toy stores now!

Calling all Power Rangers! Gear up to battle monsters from across the galaxy with the latest selection of toys.  The new Power Rangers Ninja Steel product range is in toy stores now! Based on the brand new TV series currently being aired on Cartoon Network, the new Power Rangers Ninja Steel range of toys will please both old and new fans of the action series.

Collect your figurines and accessories for loads of fun play action. The Power Rangers Ninja Steel range includes an assortment of 12cm and 13cm basic and deluxe figures, the Ninja Steel deluxe battle gear, Steel Mega Morph vehicles and plenty more.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys says that playing with action figures is a great way for children to use their imagination and built their imaginative skills. “Figures such as Power Rangers Ninja Steel provide the opportunity for children to create stories and situations. By doing this, they are honing their communications skills, developing speech and building a vocabulary. This type of play is also a lot of fun!” explains Patrizi.

Playing with action figures can also help kids learn the difference between good and bad, as there are usually heroes and villains involved.  This provides the opportunity to develop skills that can help in real life social scenarios.

Visit your nearest toy store or retailer to check out the mighty Power Rangers Ninja Steel range of toys, or go to www.primatoys.co.za for more information.

These Power Ranger Ninja Steel toys make a  perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a child aged 5 and up.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys
Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys


Prima Toys has given me the following toy to giveaway on the blog

1 x Power Rangers Ninja Steel Morph Vehicle, valued at R399.99

These vehicles can transform into Ninja Power Stars and are able to combine with the Ninja Steel Megazord. Rev up the action with all new Power Rangers Mega Morph Vehicles. Each Mega Morph Vehicle is a heroic Ninja Star that can instantly morph into a powerful vehicle for endless adventure. Each Vehicle comes with an articulated 5‑inch Figure.

*Please note that the prize may vary from the pictures.

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*This is a sponsored post however my review is based on my honest opinion of the product.




12 thoughts on “Power Rangers Ninja Steel Toys Giveaway & Review

  1. Wow! Awesome giveaway :) brings back a lot of memories of the power ranger games my cousins and I would play when we where kids.... we good guys would always defeat the villain... I think Rita was her name... these toys would get kids physically active as well as stimulate the mind to strategize an plan defences keeping kids busy, entertained as well as developing thinking skills :) go go power rangers....
  2. I am subscribed - email anr3a17@gmail.com. Facebook Name - Andrea Aroomoogam. I really hope I win this for my little girl!!!
  3. I absolutely LOVED power rangers as a child, although Emilie isn't really into this (preteen stuff) I completely agree however to getting toys that encourage the imagination instead of just having them glued to the TV. Such an awesome perspective. x #sabloggerscafe
  4. My son loves playing imaginary games and I can just think how he would play with these power rangers. I love the detail and hearing that they are durable is offcoarse an extra benefit.

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