Help your child reach milestones through play – Win a Little Tikes toy hamper from Prima Baby SA

Importance of developmental toys!

Tracking my baby’s milestones was an obsession and I use many toys together with free play to aid in development. Developmental toys play a critical role in awakening baby’s senses through sound, touch and sight; together with strengthening baby through tummy time.  Helping your baby sooth themselves in a calm and nurturing approach is a critical development milestone.

I am excited to hear Prima Baby announcing a brand new range of baby toys – Little Tikes, who is making products for the littlest ones in your household with the newest range, Little Tikes Baby. Little Tikes Baby has partnered closely with child development experts to ensure each product delivers on its promise.

All products are available at Hamleys Baby Divisions (Eastgate, Sandton, Menlyn, Mall Of Africa, V&A Waterfront and Greenstone.), Selected Kids Emporium stores, , , , , ,

GIVEAWAY of Little tikes hamper worth R1000 to one lucky winner!

I have a beautiful selection of developmental toys to the value of R1000 to giveaway.

Prima Baby SA – Little Tikes
Soothe Me Koala

The Soothe Me Koala is designed to help calm and nurture baby. At night, Koala gives off a warm glow, while playing 10 minutes of soothing lullabies or nature sounds, creating a calming, bedtime routine.

Touch ‘ Go Turtle

This toy’s movement encourages your little one to stretch and build strength during tummy time. The compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go fun.

Shake ‘n Rattle

The Little Tikes Baby Shake ‘n Rattle Crabbie  is designed to stimulate and entertain your baby’s developing mind.  Engaging and contrasting colours combine with clacking claws and rattling beads for a visual and auditory treat.  As your baby grows, she can turn Crabbie over for more advanced bead maze play.

How to enter?

  1. Comment on this blog post telling me your thoughts on using toys to help your child reach their developmental milestones?
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Terms and conditions

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  • You have to reside in South Africa
  • Prize will be delivered to you.
  • Winner to be announced via social media and is required to provide a cellphone number.
  • Prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Competition closes 4 November.





29 thoughts on “Help your child reach milestones through play – Win a Little Tikes toy hamper from Prima Baby SA

  1. Hi Pooveshree loving all your posts and trying out your recipes and suggestions especially the doddle bags which I purchased which i am currently using for my 9 year old Type 1 diabetic daughter as I am very health conscious when it comes to her meals and the doddle bags are ideal when travelling as I always prepare my own food for her.I am 7 and half months pregnant and love using toys as play therapy and development as I found this really helped with my daughter whom was homeschooled for 3 years . I find it helps with the milestones to be reached at each age and also knowing if your child is ahead or behind and any concerns which are to be raised. Thanks for the advice ,even though I am a mum to a 9 year old ,I find by reading your posts I an learning so much more abd always look forward to a new blog post being posted.P.S also an Umkomaas girl living in Hillcrest
    1. Thank you and all the best. I think I replied in more detail to your second comment.So glad that the Doodle bags are helping. Please make sure you are subscribed and confirmed subscription to qualify. Have you done this?
  2. Hi Pooveshree thanks for an amazing blog.Always look forward to the new posts. I have a 9 year old Type 1 diabetic daughter and even though I am a mum ,I find myself learning so much more from all your advice and suggestions. Your recipes are so delicious and healthy that I make them for my whole family especially with having a type 1 diabetic daughter,I'm always health conscious when it comes to meal and snack times and your post on doddle bags have been amazing as I purchased a pack of 10 and it's working great for me especially since I always make my own meals for my daughter when we travel.I am currently pregnant and find that educational toys have definitely helped with my daughter's upbringing and used it to ensure she reached her milestones since she was homeschooled for 3 years.This assisted me greatly ,as I was always aware if she was behind or ahead.i would love to use the same and latest development toys for my new arrival. Thanks for all the advice regarding your journey to motherhood from.the very outset as the snacks while breastfeeding,the advice on a lactation specialist and so much more.Looking forward to your new post.
    1. Thank you so much for your amazing and loving comment and more so for reading the blog posts. I am so happy that I can help with the recipes and the family is enjoying the recipes. Diabetes is not easy to deal with and I am sorry to hear it's affecting your little girl but you seem to be an awesome mom that's raising her in a loving and educational environment.Well done mom. Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best with this competition.
  3. I use different toys and items like wooden spoons plastic bowls etc to help stimulate my 9 month old's learning and exploring capabilities. I truly believe that babies learn through play
    1. Hi Shelli. That's fantastic, it's amazing how babies enjoy playing with kitchen goodies. Hope you subscribed to the blog qualify for an entry. I can seem to see anything on my side.Please confirm your subscription on the email you received.If you did not receive an email.Please let em know.Thanks.All the best.
  4. All steps done ❤️ Love your recipes. This competition is amazing. Sophia would go crazy over these goodies. She at a stage where she's learning so much and its so heartwarming to see as we never experienced this with Ava. She plays with all Avas developmental toys (they actually play together) they are both teaching each other so much. She imitates us, loves toys that make sounds. Crossing fingers and toes her.
  5. I have a 13month old little girl that loves to explore. I think toys is an awesome way to help babies reach their milestones. My lg skipped the crawling stage and I realise that that is an important milestone so I am trying other ways to encourage her to crawl. Thanks for the Awesome blog you've got yourself a new fan
    1. Thank you are an awesome mom to recognize the need for developmental milestones. All the best for the competition.Looking forward to engaging.
  6. Hi Puveshree :) Interesting blog. Toys are a great way to stimulate and encourage the development of the 5 senses. This is highly essential in the infant stages. It not only entertains them but serves as an educational and developmental aid to ensure the child reaches the desired development. It also helps a child identify and familiarise with sounds and feelings... musical toys calm them. Done all the steps :)
    1. Merushka, you have very eloquently decscribed the need to developmental toys.Thank you for engaging. All the best for the competition.
    1. Hi Kristen, your little girl must be so lovely at this age.They are observing the world around them.All the best for the competition and thank you for engaging.
  7. I do not have a little of my own but i have seen and noticed with my niece and nephews how important it is to buy the right toys; especially those that encourage their development. My niece is just a little over 2 months and i have seen that to get her to exercise her coordination we had to get her toys that also command her attention in terms of how vibrant their colours are and the sound they make. Obviously they have to be safe for her too.
  8. hi Puveshree.... My babygirl is 7.5 months and we will be moving her to her own room very soon. I am hoping that the Koala bear will really come in handy if she wakes up during the evening and cant see mum... She is such a quick learner. She gets bored quickly and I often need to update her toy range to keep up with her development. These development toys will help stimulate her appropriately for her age.... Im really keen on the turtle, which not only looks really cute, but will really encourage her during her tummy time now that she is on the go and flipping from back to front and front to back effortlessly....
    1. Hi, it's a huge milestone getting her in her own room and a soother will help with the transition.Wishing you all the best for the competition.
  9. This would be great for my little one, as she is discovering the whole around her. Sound like a great way to simulate baby's sense's.
    1. yes, most definitely. This is such a lovely time, seeing them exploring and getting their own personality. All the best.
  10. I have always been a firm believer that educational toys play an essential role in a child's development. Any caring, nurturing environment always incorporates a variety of toys to help different skills develop so it is always important to provide a child with the correct tools that they will need to reach their full potential. I have subscribed to the blog.
  11. Wow...such an Awesome Giveaway Using toys are a brilliant way to aid in developing a child reach his milestone. And there's no Better joy then seeing your little baba, experience just that first hand We as parents have to encourage our kids to be the Best they can be.

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