Lifestyle after gallbladder removal


My gallbladder was removed last year in November due to gallstones and the movement of these stones into my bile ducts causing sever pain.

I would like to share my lifestyle after removing my gallbladder, what I can eat and can’t eat. The list is based on how my body reacts to the different foods and what I eat to support digestion and my liver function.

What I ate for about 3 days post surgery?
I ate a bland diet consisting of foods that are easily digested. The intention was to allow my body to adapt to the change in the way the bile is being processsed and to aid my body through the recovery process.
Breakfast: A cup of Earl Grey tea with almond milk and a smoothies made from bananas and coconut water.

Lunch: Chicken stew/broth or Eggs with crackers

Dinner: Soup with Provita

I started following a low FODMAP diet , which was not new to me as I was generally following it when I was diagnosed with IBS.There are days I indulge but it does leave me uncomfortable and I do feel a strain on my digestive system…after all we are human, we are allowed to indulge in moderation.

Typical foods I eat:

Soluable fiber – Effective in binding bile acid to reduce the risk of heartburn

Bananas,strawberries, blueberries carrots and oatmeal

Lean protein-Remove fat from the sides of your chops 

Skinless chicken breasts, lean beef or pork and fish

Healthy fats

Avocados, almonds, chia seeds,cook with coconut oil and  salmon

I avoid eating fatty meals, dairy and high sugar meals.

Eating smaller meals spread over the day also helps with comfort levels!








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  1. I also removed mine...but still feel bloated...i need to loose weight cos i hav pcos nd is pte diabetic....can u help plz
    1. Weight loss is difficult but stay strong willed.I have lost 12 kg and still going but I also have bad days.I will share more recipes.

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