Doddle Bags- A must for every parent and here’s WHY?

Doddle bags – A must for every parent and here’s WHY?

Doddle Bags – We take it everywhere

Reusable eco-friendly pouches;an innovative concept that serves an array of purposes.

The box consists of 10 pouches/10 colour caps/10 circular colour labels

A lovely PR representative for Prima Baby South Africa contacted me to try out DoodleBags. I jumped with excitement as it had to do with nutritional food and my toddler..BONUS!!!

Little did I know these pouches serve a kaleidoscope of uses;from storing smoothies, chia pudding, nicecream(icecream made from frozen bananas),breastmilk, trail mix, hummus, puréed veggies, icing for cakes, shower gel when traveling, paint for your child’s artwork and I am sure the list can go on.I was so impressed as I could repurpose them after its primary use for food has expired. Perfect travelling pouches for your hand luggage.

This is the ideal solution for parents starting their babies on puréed/bite size foods as you can make your own and take it wherever you go.It is compact for both storage in your fridge/freezer as it stands on its own or for travelling….wish I had these when Mckenzie was being introduced to solids.I found the pouches open wide enough to offer spill free usability and cleans easily by hand or placed in the dishwasher.

Mckenzie enjoys having her smoothies or chia pudding out of them in the mornings. I make batches of chia pudding and leave them in the fridge and she has them over 2 days. Smoothies are also easy for me as I make a large one which I pour 100ml into her pouch and I have the rest.I love having the measurements as I know exactly how much she has eaten.

We are travelling to Cape Town soon and I will be taking them along with us.I will be taking 2 smoothies packs, one for the take off and the other for the landing so McKenzie has something to suck on to help with the pressure. Another pouch will host dried fruit and nuts so she has a snack when we reach our apartment.

We will be using them throughout the trip for McKenzie (and I am sure a few times for ourselves) to carry breakfast on the days we need to leave early for touring and healthy snacks for out and about. This will also help with the budget, for example, we will buy a litre of yoghurt instead of 6 small ones, and larger packet of muesli as we get more value for our money;-)

I am mindful when packing as we will be travelling with a toddler which means both our hands are not usually free so packing light is key. To save space, I will be emptying our moisturising cream from Mckenzie’s big tub into a pouch and we will travel with the pouch…another money saving tip so you don’t need to buy a smaller tub that works out more expensive.

Just had a thought…these pouches will work perfect for wine at the park while having a picnic and who doesn’t need a glass of wine when you have a toddler.Winter days, red will be perfect. Summer days, a frozen Rose will be perfect.

This product is of high quality, BPA free and expert sealing technology gives you comfort of mess free meal and snack times.It comes with anti choke caps in a selection of bright colors together with stickers to help label pouches for the refrigerator, freezer or your travels.

You can read the story behind the invention of Doddlebags in the link below:

Please note that I don’t receive any commission by sharing the information below, I am sharing as I truly enjoy this product and trust my toddler is using a safe, high quality product that supports our lifestyle and our bank balance;-)

Give it a try, it works for us and I have peace of mind as I know and control the ingredients  going into my child’s meals.

You can purchase Doddlebags on Takealot, Hamleys stores in Sandton, Eastgate and Menlyn.

Check out the fabulous Prima Baby South Africa facebook page for innovative and parenting friendly products


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  1. Those are cool. I once tried out something similar called Sinchies. Nicky hated the purees I made! He wanted the store bought stuff! But that is a good idea about travelling with shampoos mine always leak.
    1. It's amazing how babies differ.We travelled to Cape Town and these bags were a lifesaver as it was small and light to pack.

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