Vegan Snack Taste Test | Eat Real products

My biggest weakness is the need to walk around a supermarket looking for new foods to try. Our journey to a more plant-based diet lead me on a mission to find vegan snacks as we are a family of snackers.I decided to start a series of vegan taste tests to help people interested in making a change to a more plant-based diet and would like to hear someone’s taste experience with vegan food and snacks.

The first of many tastings to come will be on the Eat Real products found in Checkers retailing for just under R30 at time of publishing. These are not sponsored and purely based on my interest in trying out these products.

These products offer my family a healthier snack alternative that’s suitable not only for vegans but are also gluten-free. In my case, I can’t ask for a better combo given my IBS. They taste good while offering nutritional, real and natural ingredients.

There’s a selection of snacks and flavours. We have pretty much tried them all.Quinoa/ hummus/lentil chips and my toddler’s favourite are the veggie straws.

The flavours range from sundried tomato&roasted garlic, creamy dill, sea salt to chilli&lemon.

We enjoy them plain or with the ever so tasty Woolworths hummus.

These light and crispy snack bites have the perfect amount of flavour and are truly delicious eaten on its own, with salsa, guacamole or hummus. The hummus chips are perfect for dipping.Beware the chilli&lemon packs a punch. My personal favourites are the veggie straws and sundried tomato&roasted garlic quinoa chips.

The only drawback is that it’s on the pricy side for the amount you get in the bag. My justification is, if I don’t buy the chocolates and crisps, then I can buy a packet or 2 of these and it’s a better alternative. Having said this, these are a perfect savory and crunchy snack which I recommend is worth a try!

I would love to hear from you on which ones are your favourite.Please comment to let me know if you would be interested in more of these types of taste test posts?

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